Water Damage Restoration in New Brighton MN Water damage can be a frustrating experience for homeowners, especially when the cause is unknown. While flooding in your home may seem like an act of nature, most often it’s not. There’s usually a reason behind why you have water damage on your walls or floors. Knowing what causes water damage in your home will help you prevent it from happening again! Here are some potential causes of water damage in your home: Water Damage Restoration in New Brighton MN

Faulty Appliances

Faulty appliances are another common cause of water damage. Faulty appliances can include dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers. When an appliance malfunctions and leaks or overflows, it can cause damage to your home and belongings. In addition to the obvious need for a new appliance if your old one malfunctions regularly, it’s important to have your plumbing system inspected periodically by a professional plumber so that any problems can be identified early on.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are a common cause of water damage in the home. Leaks from the pipe itself or from other fixtures can cause water to drip into your walls, under the floor and ceiling. This water will eventually lead to mold growth if it is not remedied quickly. Leaking pipes can also be difficult to locate because they may be hidden behind walls or in ceilings, so it’s important that you know how to spot them before they become a problem. If a leaking pipe causes water damage or mold growth, contact a restoration company to help with the clean-up.

Broken Sump Pump

A broken sump pump is a common cause of basement water damage. Sump pumps are designed to pump water out of the basement, but if they break or fail completely, they won’t be able to do their job. So what can you do if this happens? Check the Pump for Signs of Damage. The first step in removing water from your basement is checking the sump pump to see if it’s working properly. Once it is working correctly, it can help remove water from your basement. But sometimes it is too late and there is already water damage. If this is the case, you may need to hire a company that specializes in water damage clean-up. Contact your local water damage restoration company for help.

Water damage can be devastating and can cause a big headache. It is important to know where the damage started and what caused it so you can stop the progression. A water damage restoration company can help with damage to get your home in good condition. Contact Clean Air Restoration in New Brighton, MN for a consultation today.

Water Damage Restoration in New Brighton MN

Water Damage Restoration in New Brighton MN

Water Damage Restoration in New Brighton MN