Unsuspecting Areas Where Mold Grows In Your Home

Mold is a serious issue for many homeowners. Without proper precautions and maintenance, mold can flourish inside your home without your knowledge, becoming a health hazard in the process. It is crucial to inspect these areas of your home regularly to ensure mold isn’t growing. However, mold can make an appearance in some surprising areas. Here are 3 areas to keep an eye on when it comes to mold growth: Unsuspecting Areas Where Mold Grows In Your Home

The Basement

A basement is an enclosed space and often has high levels of humidity, which means it’s more likely to have mold than other areas of your house with good air circulation. If you want to prevent mold growth in your basement, install exhaust fans and keep windows open regularly so the air circulates. Mold can grow on wood, drywall, carpeting, and other surfaces if they are damp or wet for too long. It’s important to clean up any spills immediately so that they don’t get a chance to rot the wood or damage any areas of the house where water collects easily.

In Potted Plants

Potted plants, especially those with soil and plant materials, can be a source of mold growth. Mold can grow within the soil and even on the plant itself, as well as inside the pot. This is especially true if there are hard-to-clean parts of the pot. If your potted plant has drainage holes or cracks where water can collect, there’s a greater chance for mold to grow within it. Mold may grow on your potted plant’s leaves or stems as well. By regularly checking your indoor plants for signs of mold, you can reduce the risk of mold impacting your plants and parts of your home’s interior.

Air Ducts

You may be surprised to learn that your air ducts are a prime breeding ground for mold & mold spores. It’s a good idea to consider cleaning your air ducts because they could be a major source of mold. Air ducts are not always visible and homeowners often forget about them, utilizing their HVAC system without a second thought, so oftentimes you won’t know if there’s mold until it’s too late. If you think your home has hidden areas where moisture can collect and cause mold to grow, then you should take measures to prevent moisture from accumulating in those places. Contact your local duct cleaners who can safely perform duct cleaning services without damaging any parts of the system itself.

Don’t hesitate to contact Clean Air Restoration for mold remediation in Roseville MN. We also offer water damage restoration and many other services to help keep your home clean, safe, and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about mold removal in Roseville MN or to schedule an appointment. Watch for Part 2 of this blog series for more areas of your home that mold could be hiding.

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Unsuspecting Areas Where Mold Grows In Your Home

Unsuspecting Areas Where Mold Grows In Your Home