Places to Look for Mold in Your Bathroom

If your home has a bit of mold here and there, that’s pretty normal. However, it can become hazardous if certain types of mold are growing in your home or if you have excess amounts of mold. Mold thrives in humid, damp, and dark areas, making bathrooms an ideal breeding ground. Checking your bathroom for mold and getting mold remediation services when necessary is important. Here are a few key places to check for mold growth in your bathrooms: Places to Look for Mold in Your Bathroom

Check the Showers & Bathtubs

The first thing to do when you notice signs of mold in your shower is to clean it thoroughly. Use a scrub brush or other cleaning tool to remove as much mold as possible to minimize growth. You should also replace any damaged caulking or sealant around your tub and shower walls, which may be causing leaks that allow moisture inside the walls and into your tile grout lines (the spaces between tiles). Be sure that your bathroom is well-ventilated since moisture can easily build up on flat surfaces like tiled floors or countertops near basins; if left unchecked for too long, this can lead to serious issues such as water damage from leaky pipes or flooding from broken toilets or showers.

Check the Sinks

Sinks are often a source of water damage. If there is any kind of leak or spill, it could cause mold to grow in and around your sink. You should check under the sink, around it, and also inside your drain pipes for signs of leaks or moisture. The caulk around your sink should also be checked for signs of damage or deterioration as this will allow mold to enter more easily into your home and may cause a potential health hazard if not addressed quickly.

Check the Toilet

The toilet is another common source of mold growth because of its proximity to other sources of moisture like sinks and showers. You should check under the lid of your toilet tank as well as inside the tank itself for signs of black spots that indicate mildew growth; this could be an indication that there is moisture trapped inside your commode’s reservoir where it can’t escape properly into drainage pipes below it.

You should also examine both sides of your toilet bowl—on top where you would sit if using it normally but also underneath so you don’t miss any potential spots where water might accumulate due to faulty plumbing connections beneath tiles used in bathrooms (or anywhere else in homes). Pipes leak frequently during heavy rains when they aren’t properly sealed around their baseboards!

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Places to Look for Mold in Your Bathroom

Places to Look for Mold in Your Bathroom