Mistakes To Avoid When Removing Mold

Have you recently discovered mold growing in your home? If so, then that means you should act quickly to remove it. There are certain mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to their mold problems and during the process of trying to remove mold. Here are some mistakes to avoid making when removing the mold that’s growing in your house: Mistakes To Avoid When Removing Mold

Assuming That Bleach Will Kill the Mold

While bleach is useful in a variety of situations, it’s not always effective when it comes to killing mold. Bleach may also be ineffective when using it on certain types of surfaces. Therefore, instead of bleach, it’s a good idea use an antimicrobial cleaner to ensure that the mold is effectively killed and removed. On hard surfaces like tile floors, bleach is good at killing mold and germs. On porous surfaces, such as wood, however, it will not be nearly as effective.

Bleach is good for removing surface mold, but it will not kill mold that has spread deeper into certain materials, such as wood. Most of the time, vinegar is a superior option. However, it’s important to remember that vinegar is acidic and therefore has the potential to harm natural stone or finished wood.

Assuming That the Mold You See Is All That’s There

Mold tends to spread quickly when it grows. Therefore, it may be difficult to notice with the naked eye in its early stages of development. That’s why it’s important to not assume that your mold problem is under control just because you can’t see it. It’s extremely important to inspect all of the moist areas in your home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, areas that have been exposed to flooding or leaks, etc. And, if you suspect that your home has a mold problem, then you should have a professional come and inspect your home for you.

Neglecting To Remove Mold Quickly

Mold and mildew can start to develop within 24 to 48 hours of contact with water/moisture and will continue to grow until the source of the moisture is fixed and the mold spores are killed. If left unchecked, even a little water spill on a seemingly innocuous place, such as a restroom shelf, can quickly result in a major mold problem for your home.

Therefore, it’s important to take action as soon as you notice signs of mold growth in your home. To remediate small cases of mold growth, you should first identify and fix any sources of excess moisture or water/leaks, and ensure that the room is properly ventilated and that everything is dried properly. Then you should work on removing any mold that has started to grow, or hire a professional to remove your mold for you.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Removing Mold

Mistakes To Avoid When Removing Mold