Major Reasons to Get Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts are a crucial aspect of your HVAC system, and they ultimately help keep your home safe and comfortable. Parts 1 & 2 of this blog series noted several key reasons to get duct cleaning services; here are 3 more critical reasons to get air duct cleaning: Major Reasons to Get Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning out your air ducts after a renovation can get rid of dust and debris.

Many homeowners want a change after a while (whether it be aesthetic, an appliance upgrade, a new addition, or something else), and home renovations can be a great way to make some much-needed changes in your home. For certain types of renovations, such as adding new ducts or upgrading to higher-efficiency equipment, you will have to remove the old ducts and clean out the rooms around them. The dust will flow into the new ducts and block them up, which will reduce airflow and make it harder for your system to work as efficiently.

Moreover, harmful chemicals can enter your ducts during the renovation process and settle within your ducts, contributing to potentially hazardous debris and air quality. The dust can also be a fire hazard if it gets ignited by accident. So if you’ve done any work on your house in recent years, then it’s worth having your ducts cleaned to keep your home safe.

Duct cleaning will detect insect, bird, and/or animal infestation.

Infestation (such as insects, rodents, or birds) due to improper insulation or damage around vents is unfortunately common, but it often goes undetected. Rodents may find a warm and cozy home within your ventilation system, especially during the winter months when animals are seeking shelter from the frigid weather. This can cause major issues within your HVAC system and home; if your system is infested with unwanted critters, this may lead to chewed-up wires, disgusting odors, exposure to animal droppings, and more. This can be hazardous in many ways, from the risk of fire to breathing in harmful bacteria. Getting duct cleaning services is one important way to determine if your system is impacted by unwanted critters.

Air duct cleaning has many benefits including better indoor air quality.

Air duct cleaning has many benefits, one of the top benefits being healthier indoor air quality. The air ducts in your home are, unfortunately, often overlooked and are a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and mold to grow. It’s important to consider that mold thrives in warm dark places such as an unmaintained cooling system. Air ducts can even be the source of toxic gases that seep into your home. Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly is one of the best things you can do to improve indoor air quality.

There are many reasons to get your air ducts cleaned. It’s not just about keeping them clean, it’s also about improving the quality of air throughout your home and making sure that everything is running efficiently. When we think of our homes, we often focus on what they look like externally or how they feel inside, but don’t neglect your ductwork! This system is extremely important and deserves attention and proper maintenance, too.

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Major Reasons to Get Air Duct Cleaning 

Major Reasons to Get Air Duct Cleaning