How to Keep Contaminants out of Your Air Ducts

Summer is when we really start to utilize our HVAC system and the air conditioner in our homes. Air circulation is crucial for keeping your home cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. However, if your ventilation system is heavily impacted by contaminants such as dust, dirt, chemicals, dander, and other forms of debris, the air quality in your home isn’t serving you well. You may notice increased illnesses, allergy symptoms, and more. Keeping contaminants out of your air ducts is key to promoting good air quality in your home. Here are 3 key ways to keep debris and contaminants out of your air ducts: How to Keep Contaminants out of Your Air Ducts

Take Preventative Measures

First off, it’s important to remember that it’s always a good idea to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your home and your safety. Ensuring you’re maintaining your HVAC system properly is critical; one way homeowners should regularly maintain their HVAC system is by checking and changing their air filter regularly. This helps promote clean air circulation through your ventilation system. Another way to care for your HVAC system is by getting HVAC cleaning & maintenance to ensure your system is operating at its best. This not only helps promote clean air circulation within your home but also helps prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Keep Furniture Away From Ducts

A key thing to remember when it comes to your air ducts is when they are obstructed, this can cause them to perform poorly. First off, this can harm the furniture. Moreover, a large obstruction directly in front of an air return vent (such as a bookcase or a couch) restricts the airflow, causing the air to make its way back into the system rather than circulating throughout your house and rooms. This is also a quick way to forget about your return vents, allowing the buildup of debris to occur. If you plan on redecorating or rearranging furniture, ensure you have a plan in place for your furniture to be placed in areas of the room that won’t impact your HVAC system.

Get Duct Cleaning Services

The best way to ensure your air ducts are free of harmful debris and contaminates is to get air duct cleaning services. Professional cleaning removes all kinds of debris from your system that can contribute to the poor air quality within your home. Duct cleaning services include cleaning the supply and return vents, trunk lines, and all of the registers using updated & innovative vacuum technology. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned (or if it’s been a while), getting duct cleaning services is especially important as debris builds up over time. You may not even realize how much of an impact the contaminates are having within your home, but after getting ductwork services, many homeowners report a major reduction in allergy symptoms and more.

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How to Keep Contaminants out of Your Air Ducts

How to Keep Contaminants out of Your Air Ducts