How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Home

Mold is surprisingly common; it’s normal for a home to have a little bit of mold. However, too much exposure to mold and certain types of mold can be hazardous and negatively impact your health. Doing what you can to minimize the mold in your home is important for many reasons, including your health & your home’s structure. Here are a few key ways to manage and get rid of the harmful mold in your home: How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Home

Be Proactive

Getting rid of all mold and spores is virtually impossible (some can be found floating through the air within the home). Keep in mind that mold thrives in dark, damp, humid areas, so controlling indoor moisture is key. Rather than waiting until you know your home has been impacted by mold, first do what you can to maintain conditions within your home that will hinder mold growth, like utilizing a dehumidifier and frequently assessing susceptible areas.

Act Quickly

If you do notice mold growth, it’s important to act quickly. The longer mold goes unnoticed, the more it can & will grow and the impact/damage will be greater. If you spot mold in one or more areas of the home, don’t prolong getting the necessary repairs. Contact your local mold remediation company to do an assessment and make the necessary repairs before the damage worsens.

Repair Water Damage

It’s very important to consider that getting mold remediation services is crucial, but so is repairing the source of the problem. Mold is often caused by water damage. There are many different ways water can potentially damage your home and cause mold growth. For example, after the snow melts, the resulting water can sometimes seep into the home and linger, causing mold damage. This often happens in areas that aren’t immediately recognizable, such as in a basement closet or crawl space. Leaking appliances or pipes can also contribute to water damage. Ensure you get the necessary repairs to halt the problem; otherwise, water damage will continue to lead to mold growth. Contact your local water damage restoration company to make the necessary repairs.

Get Mold Remediation

If your home has been impacted by a significant amount of mold, it’s crucial to get mold remediation services. Professionals will test the indoor air quality to assess the severity and remove and remediate mold based on the tests performed. Removing excessive and toxic mold is imperative to keep your home’s indoor air quality healthy. If you notice you have water damage or mold impacting your home, it’s important to get prompt mold removal services.

To learn more about mold remediation in St Anthony MN, contact Clean Air Restoration. We also offer several other services to help promote healthy indoor air quality in your home. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment for mold removal in St Anthony MN.

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How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Home

How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Home