Duct Cleaning Mendota Heights MN

Are you concerned about the air you’re breathing in, and that’s cycling around, your home? Are you looking for ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality? One of the frequently asked questions we tend to get is as to whether or not air duct cleaning has an impact on the air quality in people’s homes. Here are some things to know regarding your air ducts and their impact on the air quality in your home: Duct Cleaning Mendota Heights MN

Air Duct Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality

Mold, dust, pollen, and other allergens, much like they do on other surfaces in your home, can accumulate in your HVAC system over time. These impurities are spread within the ductwork and will return no matter how much you vacuum or dust. Cleaning air ducts, on the other hand, addresses the issue at its source, significantly improving air quality and protecting your HVAC system.

Except for the air you let in through your windows or doors, the majority of the air in your home is transported by HVAC ductwork. Without a clean path for this air to follow, it collects irritants and impurities and circulates them throughout your home. The pollutant accumulation grows with time, robbing your system of efficiency and increasing maintenance requirements.

How Can Cleaning Your Ducts Improve Your Home’s IAQ?

There are many ways that cleaning your air ducts can help to make the air in your home healthier to breathe. Some of the ways that duct cleaning helps to improve your home’s IAQ include (but are not limited to):

  • Reducing the prevalence of allergies and respiratory diseases
  • Combating mold and microbial growth
  • Reducing offensive odors
  • Getting rid of rodents, bugs, and pests, and preventing them from making a home in your air ducts

When Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

While air duct cleaning doesn’t necessarily need to be done every year, it should be done every so often, especially in certain circumstances. Here are some situations where you should seriously consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned:

  • Mold growth is noticeable in ducts.
  • Dust and debris can be seen blowing out of the ductwork/registers.
  • Debris has jammed the ducts.
  • Pests have infiltrated the ducts.

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Duct Cleaning Mendota Heights MN

Duct Cleaning Mendota Heights MN

Duct Cleaning Mendota Heights MN