Dryer Vent Cleaning Saint Paul MNDryer Vent Cleaning Saint Paul MN

Are your clothes not drying properly? It could be due to that your dryer is not working as it should or that your dryer vent is not doing its job. A clogged or disconnected vent can cause some serious damage to your home and your clothes, so if you’re noticing any of these signs, make sure to call in a professional for help! Here are some signs that you need your dryer vent cleaned: Dryer Vent Cleaning Saint Paul MN

Is Your Laundry Room Hotter Than Usual?

If you notice that your dryer is taking longer to dry clothes than usual or is running hotter than it has in the past, this could be an indication of a blockage in your dryer vent. Lint buildup can cause the dryer to overheat and cause fires. You can check for lint blockages by simply putting your hand on top of the exhaust hood (where air exits from) while it’s running; if it feels hot, then there may be a problem with your venting system. You should clean out any lint buildup or replace clogged or damaged ductwork immediately in order to prevent overheating from occurring at all.

How Long Does It Take to Dry a Load of Clothes?

When you run the dryer, does it seem like you have to often add time or put your clothes on an extra cycle because they are not dried? If it feels like your clothes are taking an extra long time to dry every time this could very well mean that you need your dryer vent cleaned out. When the dryer vent is clogged or needs cleaning, it can limit the air circulation in your dryer which then causes the dryer to take longer to dry your clothes. A dryer should not have to run multiple cycles to dry your clothes fully.

Does The Top of Your Dryer Get Hot When You Are Running a Load?

If your dryer gets hot enough to cause burns, you should call a professional immediately. Sometimes it is not immediately apparent if the dryer has overheated until after the fact. It’s best to be safe than sorry! If this occurs to your dryer, do not touch it when it’s running or immediately after it has turned off. If you do happen to get burned, cool down for several minutes before calling for help. If your dryer is overheating like this, this can be a sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. It may be clogged and unable to push the hot air outside so the hot air builds up and overheats the dryer. Contact a professional to clean out your dryer vent.

Are Your Energy Bills Going Up Lately?

If your energy bills are going up a lot this is a sign your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. A clogged dryer vent can make your dryer run harder and longer, which means it uses more energy than necessary. This can lead to higher monthly bills and an overall increase in the amount of electricity used in the home. To avoid this problem and save money on energy costs, hire a professional to clean out your vents every five years or so. If you don’t have much time or don’t want to do it yourself, consider hiring someone who does this for a living! A professional will be able to do it in a timely manner and will do it well. They will have a scheduled time to come clean your air ducts. When you choose to hire a professional, you will save money because it will help your home be more efficient and your HVAC systems run better.

It’s important to know if your dryer vent needs cleaning. If you have noticed any signs that it is clogged or otherwise in disrepair, contact Clean Air Restoration today; we are the trusted Twin Cities company for all of your air duct cleaning and restoration needs. We are Clean Air Restoration we will make you safer and more comfortable by cleaning out your dryer vents and other air ducts in your home., We are your local Saint Paul, Minnesota air duct cleaners. Contact us today!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Saint Paul MN

Dryer Vent Cleaning Saint Paul MN

Dryer Vent Cleaning Saint Paul MN