Dryer Vent Cleaning in Saint Paul MNYou know what’s a pain? Having to dry your clothes multiple times because they are not dry after a 45-minute cycle. Or spending half an hour trying to snip the lint out of your dryer vent, only for it to come back in a few months. Dryer vent cleaning is essential for anyone who owns a clothes dryer. The following are a few reasons why: Dryer Vent Cleaning in Saint Paul MN 

Lint is a Natural Byproduct of Drying Clothes

Lint is a natural byproduct of drying clothes. It’s the fluffy stuff that comes off clothes when you dry them and is usually made up of cotton, wool, polyester, and acrylic fibers. You might think that if you use a dryer lint catcher on your machine that all this lint would go in there instead of becoming trapped inside vents—but unfortunately not all lint gets caught. Even with dryer lint catchers installed, some still get into vents because they’re hidden from sight within walls or ceilings where it can build up over time until serious problems occur (like fires). It is important to have your dryer vent cleaned out.

Lint Build-Up Can Cause a Fire

If you’re not cleaning your dryer vent, you could be putting your home at risk. If lint builds up in the dryer vent, it can cause a fire. Lint is highly flammable and when it builds up in the dryer vent, there is more room for it to collect and become more of a fire hazard. A clogged dryer vent limits what air can be pushed out and because dryers use a lot of heat, this can cause the lint to catch fire if it gets hot enough. It’s important to get your vents cleaned once a year by professionals who know how to properly clean them out so that your home remains safe from fire hazards at all times.

A Lint-Free Dryer Can Save You Money

One of the most important reasons to schedule a dryer vent cleaning is because it can save you money. Many factors play into how much energy your dryer uses and how often it needs repairs, but one thing everyone can agree on is that lint-filled vents make your clothes take longer to dry and cost more in utility bills. Lint build-up causes your dryer to work harder, making it harder for air to flow through the ducts as well as increasing the risk of overheating. This means that in addition to taking longer than needed, you’re also using more electricity than necessary—which not only wastes money but may cause damage in other areas of your home (like an increase in water heater bills).

If you take good care of your dryer, by keeping it clean and having the vents cleaned at least once a year, then you’ll have a much better experience with that appliance. If you need to hire professional dryer vent cleaning services, please contact Clean Air Restoration in Saint Paul MN for more information. We are your local company that helps with air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, water damage, fire restoration, and more!

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Saint Paul MN

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Saint Paul MN

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Saint Paul MN