Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Bloomington MN

How to get rid of Persistent Smells

Hire a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company

If you’ve noticed persistent smells in you business, it’s likely due to poor air quality. Over time, your business’s air ducts will trap dirt and debris, which can in turn trap moisture and bad smells. Dirt and debris buildup can even lead up to mold or mildew growth, which will definitely produce unpleasant smells, not to mention negative health effects for you, your employees, and any potential customers or clients. If the smell is serious enough, it may even be an indication that your air vents are infested with a pest or two, which will leave unpleasant droppings and other waste in your business’s vents. It’s even likely, depending on the pest, that you may have leftover food from whatever lives in your vents, which will only make mold a more likely problem in your business’s future. To keep your air ducts clean and smelling fresh, it’s important that you hire an experienced professional air duct cleaning company. A professional company will have the tools and expertise necessary to get rid of dirt and debris buildup in your vents—including any potential pests or mold spores that might be present—so you don’t have to worry about bad smells anymore! Professional duct cleaners can be hired to clean the ducts in your home and remove any bad odors. Duct cleaning is a job that should only be performed by professionals such as those at Clean Air Restoration because it can, and will, cause damage if not done properly. If you want to learn more about Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Bloomington MN, reach out to Clean Air Restoration today for help!

Use a Dehumidifier

If you do have a dehumidifier in your home, make sure it’s working properly. A dehumidifier will help remove moisture from the air and prevent mold growth, which can happen when there is excessive moisture in a building. It will also help prevent bad odors from developing in your air ducts. However, getting a dehumidifier is best done in addition to having your business’s air ducts cleaned. While a dehumidifier can remove most of the moisture that would otherwise become trapped in your business’s vents, that doesn’t mean that it will be able to continue to do so as more and more dust and debris builds up in your air ducts over time.

Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and sofas

Baking soda is one of the most versatile cleaning products out there. It can be used to remove stains from carpets and upholstery, or simply sprinkled on top of your carpet or sofa to help it smell better. In a pinch, a little bit of baking soda can help to greatly reduce unwanted smells in your business.

Leave out small containers of activated charcoal or put some in your closet

Activated charcoal is one of the best natural ways to absorb odors. It can be used in a number of different ways, including placing it directly in your closet or under your sink. Activated charcoal can also be left out in small containers throughout your business to help neutralize unwanted smells as they arise.

Treat your Air Ducts for Mold or Mildew

If your air ducts are moldy or mildewed, they can be a major source of odors in your business. If you have an HVAC system installed at your facility, it’s important to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance checks to prevent these odors from becoming a problem. Mold and mildew are not only responsible for unpleasant odors, they can also create negative health conditions for you, your employees, and any clients and customers who enter your business. If mold or mildew becomes present in your business’s air ducts, it’s important to contact a local air duct cleaning expert immediately. The longer this problem is left untreated, the more likely it is that spores will spread throughout your building and become a more expensive issue to treat.

Burning scented candles

While you may think that candles can help to mitigate persistent smells, the truth is that they simply cover up the issues. If your business doesn’t have very strong odors, or if you simply don’t like the plain scent of it, you can use candles to enhance the experience for your customers or employees, but the truth is that a few candles will never fix deeper-set issues in your business’s air quality.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Bloomington MN

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Bloomington MN

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Bloomington MN

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Bloomington MN