Best Time to Get Your Ducts Cleaned in Spring

Have you been thinking about cleaning your air ducts this spring? Spring is often regarded as the best time to clean your air ducts and for good reason. However, there are certain seasonal and weather-related factors that you should consider when deciding on WHEN exactly you should have your air ducts cleaned during spring. Here are some tips to help you choose the best time to clean your ducts in spring:

Towards the End of Spring

It’s generally recommended that homeowners have their air ducts cleaned at the end of spring. The reason is because pollen levels tend to be lower in late spring, so you don’t have to be concerned about pollen entering your home through open windows or doors. Since poor air quality caused due to a pollen invasion may have negative effects on people who are prone to seasonal or pollen allergies, having your ductwork cleaned out after peak pollen season is over with will help to prevent the allergens from continuing to cycle around your home and pollute your indoor air quality.

On A Rainy Day

If rain is in the forecast, then this would be a good time to clean your air ducts. The reason is due to the fact that pollen and other types of air pollutants are confined to the ground or trees on rainy days. A lot of rain makes them less likely to become airborne. Since special¬† vacuums are used to suck all different types of debris out of your home and into a secure container, this process can be done on rainy or sunny days, but it’s better to do it on rainy days if possible.

When the Temperatures Are Cooler

Pollen comes about in hot, dry weather conditions. Therefore, if the weather prediction predicts a drop in temperature, then that would be an excellent time to have your air ducts cleaned. This will also allow the debris in your ducts to settle as well. The air duct cleaning process works as such: a truck will arrive at your home, and a vacuum will begin removing pollen and other types of debris from your home.

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Best Time to Get Your Ducts Cleaned in Spring

Best Time to Get Your Ducts Cleaned in Spring